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Soal - Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII

I.  Choose the best answer.
Text for no 1 - 3
   How To Shop At Supermartket
1.       Write a shoppinh list
2.       Go to supermarket
3.       Looks for the things you need
4.       Pay everything at the cashier
5.       Go back home with your shopping

1.        How many steps to shop at the supermarket?
a.    Three                           c.   Four
b.    Six                               d.   Five
2.        What is the second step?
a.     Writing a shopping list
b.    Pay everything at the cashier
c.     Go to supermarket
d.    Looks for the things you need
3.        What do we have to do after looking for the things to buy?
a.    Make a shopping list
b.    Pay at the cashier
c.    Go to supermarket
d.    Go back home
Text for no 4 - 7

Burger     Rp.  15,000   Orange Juice    Rp.  10,000
Pizza       Rp.  30,000   Cappucino       Rp.  15,000
Steak       Rp.  25,000   Coke                Rp.    8,000
Spagheti  Rp.  13,000  Ice Cream        Rp.    9,000

4.        Where do usually find this list of menu?
a.    At the supermarket       c.   At the bar
b.    At the cafeteria                        d.   At the fruit stalls
5.        How much is a glass of Cappucino?
a.    Rp. 8,000                     c.   Rp. 9,000
b.    Rp. 15,000                   d.   Rp. 10,000
6.        Which food is the most expensive?
a.    Burger                          c.   Steak
b.    Pizza                            d.   Spagheti
7.        Jakarta Resto is a fast food restaurant. The underlined word means something to …
a.    meal                             c.  buy
b.    drink                            d.  smell
Text for no 8 - 12
Hi, my name is Imam. I study at the first grade of SMP Al Hadiid Bogor. My school has six classroom, two laboratories, and two squares. My classroom is beside the square. There are forty-two students, twenty-three boys and nineteen girls. The students are sitting on the chairs. They put their books and pens in the drawer. In my classroom there is a big picture, some decorations, and also a clock in the wall. My classroom is very simple but very comfortable.
8.        Who is the writer on the text?
a.    Andi                             c.  Imam
b.    Akbar                           d.  Hilman
9.        What grade is Imam in SMP Al Hadiid?
a.    He is in first grade        c.   He is in third grade
b.    He is in second grade   d.   He is in fifth grade
10.    Imam’s classroom is … the square.
a.    outside                         c.   inside
b.    in front of                    d.   beside
11.    How many students are there in his class?
a.    14 students                   c.   40 students
b.    43 students                   d.   34 students
12.    They put their books and pens in the drawer. What does the underlined word refer to?
a.    Teachers                      c.   Imam
b.    Students                       d.   Classroom
13.  There … a teacher in my class.
a.    is                                  c.   am
b.    are                                d.   does
14.  Hafiz        :… I borrow you English book?
Arif           : Sure, but don’t break it.
a.    What                            c.   Do
b.    Why                             d.   May
15.  The table … new but the chairs … not.
a.    is – is                           c.   is – are
b.    are – is                                     d.   are – are
Text for no 16 – 17
… (16)
To all students of SMP Al Hadiid. Next week is mid semester examination. Please do the following instruction :
1.      Study the lesson carefully and diligently,
2.      Collect all the lesson task to your teacher,
3.      Don’t … (17) TV too much.

16.  a.   Congratulation                        c.   Announcement
b.   Invitation                    d.   Dictation
17.  a.   Watch                         c.   Watched
b.   Watches                      d.   Watching
18.  Awita        : Do you … camping?
Dede         : Yes, of course. I like challenge to live in the open air
a.   like                              c.   prefer
b.   dislike                         d.   hate
19.  stampslikeforeigncollectingThey.
    1           2          3               4              5
The correct arrangement is …
a.   5-3-4-2-1                    c.   5-2-1-3-4
b.   5-2-3-4-1                    d.   5-2-4-3-1
20.  It is a wild animal. It can swim in the river. It has sharp teeth. It often dangerous. Its skin is very rough. What kind of animal is it?
a.   Snake                          c.   Dog
b.   Crocodile                    d.   Elephant
21.  keepandcleancomfortableourcountry
   1        2        3              4              5         6
The correct arrangement is …
a.    1-6-5-3-2-4                  c.   5-6-1-3-2-4           
b.    1-5-6-3-2-4                  d.   5-6-3-2-4-1
No. 22 – 23 refer to the following text
How to make a cup of tea
Things needed : water, 1 spon tea, some sugar
Steps :
a)      First, boil some water in the kettle
b)      Then put a spoon of tea in the teapot
c)      Fill the teapot with boiling water
d)      Leave for a few minutes and pour the tea into the cup
e)      Finally, put some sugar into the cup and stir it
22.  What material needed to make a cup of tea?
a.    Boiling water, tea and sugar
b.    A cup, teaspoon and kettle
c.    Boiling water, teapot and sugar
d.    Some sugar, teapot and tea
23.  How many steps are there to make a cup of tea?
a.    5 steps                          c.   7 steps
b.    6 steps                          d.   8 steps
Text for no. 24 – 25

24.  We find this text in …
a.    Office                          c.   Market
b.  Library                         d.   School
25.  The text means …
a.       We can do the test
b.      We may make noise
c.       We must not make noises
d.      We must do the best
26.  short - Hecurlyhashair
   1          2          3          4          5
a.   2-1-5-4-3                    c.   2-4-5-3-1
b.   2-4-1-5-3                    d.   2-4-1-3-5
27.  1.   I will go to my friend’s house after school
2.   Dear Mom,
3.   I will come home from school late
4.   Love, Advika
The best arrangement of the sentences is …
a.   2-1-3-4                                    c.   2-4-1-3
b.   2-3-1-4                                   d.   2-3-4-1
28.  Farhan      : I forgot to bring my pen. … ?
Yuzi          : Sure, here it is.
a.  Can I go now?             
b.  Can I borrow your pen, please?                      
c.  Can I lend you pen?
d.  Can you help me?
29.  You need to borrow some books. You must go to the …
a.    Laboratory                   c.   Library
b.    Pharmacy                     d.   Bank
Text for no 30 – 35
Hi, I (30) … Nisa. This is my study room. My study room is a little bit messy, because I do not clean it often. There (31) … some books, a dictionary, some pens and pencils on the table. The sharpener (32) … on the corner of my table. The books (33) … next to the dictionary. My ruler (34) … under the dictionary. The ruler, pens and pencil (35) … in the cup.
30.  a.  am                                c.   is
b.  are                               d.   do
31.  a.  am                                c.   is
b.  are                               d.   do
32.  a.  am                                c.   is
b.  are                               d.   do
33.  a.  am                                c.   is
b.  are                               d.   do
34.  a.  am                                c.   is
b.  are                               d.   do
35.  a.  am                                c.   is
b.  are                               d.   do
36.  brother – has – big – my – body.
The best arrangement is …
a.    My big brother has body
b.    My body has big brother
c.    My brother has big body
d.    My big has body brother

Text for no. 37 – 39
Dear Mom,
Excuse me Mom. Ferdy and I will visit Maulana’s birthday party at his house after school so I will come late. I will call you soon at office’s phone number until I am at home.

Thank you

37.  Who is celebrate birthday party?
a.    Ferdy                           c.   Hafiz
b.    Maulana                       d.   Mom
38.  Where do Ferdy and Hafiz visit Maulana’s birthday party?
a.    home                            c.   school
b.    hospital                                    d.   office
39.  Hafiz calls her mom because …
a.    He celebrate birthday party
b.    He will come home late
c.    His friends will come home late
d.    Maulana is his friend
40.  Iqbal         : … about the civil war in Libya?
Andi         : I sad to hear it. Because they are brother.
a.       What is going on          c.   Why do you think
b.      What do you think of   d.   Where is
II. Essay
1.      Fill in the blanks with the word in the box!
She         We         They      it            he

Hi, my name is Inge. I am from Surabaya. Here are my friends. This is Yadi and Radik. (a) … are from Solo. This is Riski, (b) … is from Bandung. This is Widya, (c) … is from Jakarta. (d) … are students of SMP Al Hadiid. (e) … is a school in Cileungsi …

2.      Please describe the animal

    M O N K E Y
3.      Arrange these words into good sentence!
Persib – goes – to Senayan – Persija – Damar – the game – between –versus – to watch.

4.      Hello, I am Aldi. I … (has/have) curly hair. This is my brother, Zidane. He … (has/have) straight hair. And we … (has/have) pointed nose.

5.      You lost your watch in the school, please make an announcement about it!

Semoga Bermanfaat!

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